Getting back on track!

I know I promised to not take forever to post an update, but life got extremely busy. We had a few stressful moments (thankfully everyone is okay!) and some wonderful ones! To sum everything up, I’ve started running again – in my vibrams! I can’t believe I’ve been living by the seawall for so long and haven’t been running on it! My goal is to be able to run 10km like it’s no big deal. I currently run ~7km twice a week and run on the treadmill on other days. I last about 20 minutes on the treadmill as it’s probably one of the most boring experiences ever! Running outside is everything!

It’s also come to my attention that sitting on my butt for 8 hours a day is not good for leaning out – not even when you are doubling up your workouts! So, I’ve started walking to and from work AND going on walks at lunch. My feet were super sore the first couple of days and I think I’ll have to take the walks a little easier as my knees aren’t used to walking so much. I’ve also been in a workout funk, so I increased the amount of times I see my trainer to prevent a total “eat-everything-I-see” meltdown. I. Hate. Chicken. Seriously. There are days where I would literally KILL for a pizza and suffer after as I’m lactose intolerant. Ugh.

Anyways, I used my love for creating spreadsheets and lists to set new goals for myself for the month of June. This is also my birthday month, so this will be very difficult but I will do my best to not beat myself up for slipping a little.


– One cheat MEAL a week (not an eat-everything-you-see day) AND be consistent in logging meals
– Weight train 4 times a week – hopefully my new resistance bands for assisted pull-ups will help motivate me!
– Run every morning. Even if it’s for 20 minutes.
– Run outside at least once a week.
– Drink water. Like, actually drink it.
– Mix up my meals a little. No more plain chicken with veggies. I will be more creative in the kitchen even if it hinders my gains by a little. I’d rather enjoy my meals than go nuts!
– If you know you’re going to be tempted to eat badly, bring your own food and ignore the haters. I can’t even count the number of times people have told me I’m “too skinny” or “too strict” because I take care of myself. Since when is it okay to tell someone to eat really badly? I know I’m not fat, but I also know that I work really hard to be fit.
– Give your husband $20 every time you skip a workout, eat an unplanned cheat meal or forget to prep meals for the day (unless you have a really good excuse).

My new resistance bands <3

My new resistance bands ❤

Hope you guys are having a good week!


PS – Today is my dear cousin-sister’s birthday and I wish I was in Calgary with her to celebrate! Happy Birthday Feefs!


Green Smoothies & Quick Workout

A couple of months ago, I started freaking out about my skin. For some reason, I felt like I needed an expensive cream or “solution” to prevent my skin from ageing or looking “blah”. My husband, being the more reasonable of the two of us, told me to take a few days to think about spending a couple of hundred dollars (I know!) on a cream. I had spoken to my running/spinning/workout buddy, Christie, previously, about juicing and getting all of our greens in and, at her baby shower, another friend told me about the Glowing Green Smoothie – This must be fate! After doing some research, I figured that saving up for a good blender or juicer would be a better long-term investment than having to rely on a really expensive face cream.

As I said in a previous post, we recently purchased a Vitamix so that we could have green smoothies every day – or any type of delicious smoothie that makes eating a bunch of vegetables more palatable. After a week or two of having one to two glasses a day, my husband started thinking that I wore makeup to bed because my skin looked different. A couple of weeks later, other people noticed. It is so healthy and my dark circles are not as dark as before. Moreover, no more monthly breakouts! Funny how getting your fruits & veggies makes your skin and body look and feel amazing. It’s funny how logical this is, but how I’d never tried this before!

Seriously, eat your veggies and you won’t need crazy expensive creams to look and feel great!

Anyways, here’s the recipe we use for Kimberly Snyder’s “Glowing Green Smoothie”  (Makes about 3 magic bullet containers)

2013-03-11 20.08.05

– 1 1/2 – 2 cups water
– 1 romaine lettuce heart chopped
– 2 handfuls of spinach
– 3-4 celery stalks (sticks) chopped
– 1 organic apple cored and chopped
– 1 organic pear cored and chopped
– 1/3 bunch of cilantro*
– 1/3 bunch of parsley*
– 1 organic banana
– juice of half a lemon (or a few squeezes of lemon juice)

* optional

Step 1: Add water, romaine and spinach and blend
Step 2: Add celery, apple and pear and blend
Step 3: Add cilantro and parsley and blend
Step 4: Add banana and lemon and blend

Just a note: I’ve tried it without the herbs and it didn’t taste as good (IMO) and I’ve tried it without the romaine and it wasn’t as good. However, feel free to play around with the recipe and let me know what creations you’ve come up with! Oh, and beware: if you add berries, the drink turns into an interesting color – still tastes good though!

We’ve been super busy over the last couple of weeks with my grandfather in the hospital (he should be fine and home Saturday!!!), so it’s been even more difficult to get my workouts in and eat healthy. I came up with this shorter workout based on a set my trainer had me do. You don’t really need anything for this, but I used a 5lb medicine ball as I forgot to bring a kettlebell. If done indoors, a treadmill is preferred (or anything that can be used to get your heart rate up) . This workout took about 40 minutes and I burned about 10 calories a minute.

Quick Workout:

Warm up – 5 mins @ 5.5 mph on treadmill (jogging pace)

1 min sprint @ 7.0 – 8.0 mph
walking lunges one way (substitute with split squats right leg forward x 8-10)  – sometimes I added pulses or weights
10 jump squats or regular squats
walking lunges back (substitute with split squats left leg forward  x 8-10)
Repeat x 7

10 mins – walk on treadmill @ 3.5 mph on 6-9 incline

Cool down/stretch

2013-04-09 21.49.50

Pre-cool down – not bad!

It’s finally starting to feel like spring. In hopes of the weather genies keeping it this way, here’s a pic of me enjoying the Hawaiian sun during our honeymoon in September. I wish I could jump into this picture and be in Maui right now… *sigh*

2011-07-03 20.42.47 - Copy

Hope you’re having a great week!